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    fscommand question

    paulpsd7 Level 1
      I'm creating an opening installer screen in Flash 8 that I'm exporting as an exe. Its job is to launch other exe files, via fscommand. But that part doesn't work.

      Here's the code I have attached to a button:
      InstallPoint.onRelease = function () {

      So, you click the button with the instance name InstallPoint, and it's supposed to launch setup.exe, and quit the Flash player. The quitting part works fine, so I know this button script is running. But the launching part doesn't work at all.

      In the same directory as my Flash exe, I have the file setup.exe. So, this isn't an issue about filepaths. And I've tried launching setup.exe directly, which also works. It's just that this line isn't working:


      Any suggestions?