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    Flex Builder 2

    WebmastaDj Level 1
      I have a question. I have downloaded the Flex 2 trial version and of course it expired. I developed a really nice application in the program that pulls information from a MySQL database using PHP. Now, my problem is this, what is really the difference between Flex 2 and Flex 2 with Charting? The price difference is huge yet when I was using the trial version, the charting section didn't really seam to do much for me. What I am wondering is the Flex 2 with Charting required to make charts or can you make Charts without the Flex 2 with charting, just do it by hand in the same project and build it in the Flex 2 Builder without charting?

      Or, is there any other programs available (cheaper maybe) that will run on a mac that will let me visually build flex 2 applications. I do have Flash CS3 Pro and not sure if there is any type of extensions where I can add that feature to Flash? Please let me know, thanks.