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    Movie Not Loaded

      Good Afternoon!

      I have this issue on one Terminal Server that will not show any flash content for any user except me, even admins. All other TS's and workstations see the site perfectly. If you right mouse click you get a small menu that says "Movie Not Loaded...". I have run Adobe uninstall utility and also Microsoft's Subinacl utility. Sysinternals tools were also run, but i didnt see anything out of the ordinary.

      Has anyone seen this issue? Or better yet, know a resolution.
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          i'm getting this problem too, but its got something to do with the way dreamweaver has inserted code to play the flash item onto the page, If i acces the file staright up its there and works online but as part of a template it just seems to come up with this error,

          As far as i know it could also be server realted ...

          let us know if there's a solution i'll do the same...