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    TOC not showing up in FlashHelpPro

    jdcyclone1 Level 1
      Has anyone ever had any experience with the Table of Contents not appearing in FlashHelpPro?? When I upload a FHP project to the RoboHelp Server, and then try to open my project, it all opens except for the TOC. WebHelp Pro projects display just fine. Any advice??
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          jdcyclone1 Level 1
          I resolved this one with a little bit of luck. I opened up RoboHelp Server and clicked, View Project. When my project opened in the Web browser, I noticed that for some odd reason there was a lot of garbage being entered in after the .htm extension of my file. I removed the junk after the address and the Table of Contents magically appeared. I have no clue where the junk at the end came from or how to change it in the future...but for now this is a workable solution for me. YAY!
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            Ben Minson Level 2
            My FlashHelp system window definition has the address bar excluded. However, I have noticed too if I then right-click the menu bar and enable the address bar when my help has been called using CSH that there is a bunch of extra stuff added to the URL. This is caused by the scripts that concatenate certain parameters onto the URL, such as which buttons to display in the toolbar. Why the extra stuff is needed, I don't know, if you're getting things to show up correctly without it. Are you calling context-sensitive help?