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    How many people have local storage disabled?

      Hi everyone,

      as you all know, it's possible to prevent the creation of SharedObjects from ActionScript from the Flash settings menu. I've been trying to find some statistics on how many people actually do this, but with no results so far. Could someone point me to at least a vague indication?
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          I don't know of statistics for this. I suspect that in general it would be a small percentage but would depend on the target user base.
          It would be easy enough to check this on your own user base just by doing a simple test in actionscript and passing the results back to a serverside script for analysis.

          I don't know of any data about this. I suspect it would be very small and would vary by the type of target user. E.g. IT/Flash savvy users or extreme privacy conscious users may disable this. I don't know of 3rd party software that disables this automatically for you... but then I haven't really looked for it. And perhaps some corporate IT policies might affect this for large groups of corporate users - this is a guess based on my own experience with corporate IT policies.
          Beyond that... I would take the estimate of those who disable cookies as a rough maximum. I suspect that it would be lower than this figure.
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            Kees_Kist Level 1
            Actually the reason that we're looking into this is to discover if we should use SharedObjects for storage. There's always a small percentage of paranoid people who turn off JavaScript, cookies and basically everything. Your last sentence is what I suspect as well, although it's more a gut feeling than anything else.
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              Greg Dove Level 4
              Yes.... perhaps gut feel is all there is. The other place you might want to check is some of the generic storage approaches that have used sharedobjects. I think the dojo javascript toolkit either does or did use sharedobjects via flash as one mechanism for local storage. Perhaps people associated with the development of that project might have data....