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    Premiere Pro CC won't open

    lukec26834492 Level 1

      Had an issue was Premiere Pro CC's workspaces. Whenever I'd try and move into the Editing window, it wouldn't load and would just run an error.


      Thinking that it was a space issue, I moved my Media Cache folder to my external hard drive from which I was running the project.


      Premiere crashed and after that, I will try to open, it will run the intro screen, the icon will jump, and then it'll close the screen and stop bobbing after running what looks like everything.


      So far I've tried:

      - Restarting the application with and without the drive

      - Restarted the computer

      - Uninstalled and re-installed the application


      And I'm still having issues. Any ideas?


      I have a massive project due tonight and I'm a little stressed out, any tips?