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    PSD import problem


      This is really hard to explain.

      The problem occurs when I import a PSD and my layers have feathered edges (or any transparency). I import multiple layers from a single PSD into separate Flash layers. If each layer is set to import as a flattened bitmap, the feathered edge of each layer will pick up the pixels of the layers it overlaps so that I no longer have a feathered edge where the overlap occurs. It's as if the top layer is acting as an aliased mask on the bottom layers.

      If I import each layer individually, this does not occur, but it is a pain in the neck to import several layers individually.

      This problem does not occur when you import the layers as movie clips, but you lose the ability to apply smoothing and control compression if you import this way.

      Is this a bug or are your feathered edges supposed to pick up the layers they overlap? If my question isn't clear, I can send images. Also, if this is a bug, who do I contact at Adobe to address this problem on future versions?