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    Working offline with RoboHelp

    Satlos Level 1

      I've been working with RoboHelp at my office and I am going to become a remote employee in the coming weeks. I am wondering a few things about RoboHelp and RoboSource. I am relatively new to the RoboHelp software.

      Firstly, can I work on a RoboHelp project in 'offline' mode (at home) and then log into the server where RoboSource is located and sync up my files? I know that in the past I log into this database and 'check out' the latest versions, then work on the files... Can this process be done offline, then later log on and check in the changes???

      I will most likely be using VPN to connect to a SQL server to access RoboSource, if that helps at all...

      Any response would be appreciated!