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    Changing or coloring the disclosure icon of an individual item in a tree

      It never ceases to amaze me how Adobe has made the simplest things nearly impossible to configure with their components. Maybe you all have an idea of how to accomplish this…

      Basically I have a simple tree where the default text color is dark blue on a light gray background. When an item is selected, the text color changes to white and the background color changes to dark blue. This works fine; however my black disclosure icon is still, well… black, and it blends into the background.

      Is there any way to change the color or image of the disclosureIcon of an individual item? I know I can do this for the whole tree, but I’d basically like to invert the color of the disclosure icon on the selected node only. I’d rather not change my style colors, and it seems reasonable that people would want to manipulate the disclosure icon.

      Many thanks for your help!