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    Help with university project

    FabM Level 1
      Hi there.

      I´m having trouble assigning buttons to go to the next scene, with sound and rollovers.

      So i will start with the first doubt:

      First of all i have a bitmap image filling the entire screen (800 x 600) which will be used for my first scene. The i have a button in the scene that i want it to make it clickable so that the user goes to the next scene.

      What i don´t understand is that i should convert the bitmap to a movie clip and the button to a button?

      As far as the rollover goes, i´ve sucessefully made it well but again i don´t know how to send it to the next frame. I think i´ve done it right...press two times to edit the button and change the Up, Down, Over and Hit frames with new buttons but then i can´t make it go to the next frame.

      There´s also other things that i´m not making it well which is sound so i will list all my questions in below in order to make it more understandable:

      1 - How do i go to the next scene/frame using a rollover button?

      2 - How do i make a button with sound where the user presses to play/stop the sound?

      3 - This is related to question #2...when the user presses that button to listen the sound how do i trigger another button to show up in the scene?

      That´s all for now, i need a rest for today because things aren´t going my way. Please help me with this.