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    How to make Grid container full size

      I am building a custom calendar control similar to Google Calendars functionality.

      I have done this with a Grid, GridRow and GridItems. However, I have found the only way to force the Grid to the size I want is by explictly sizing the GridItems. I would prefer to have a solution where the user could expand the control and have the calendar control expand accordingly. Therefore I would like the Grid container to basically autosize the columns/rows accordingly to fill out as much space as it is allotted.

      Is this possible? Am I just doing something wrong? Everything I read says that the Grid works hard to be the minimal size it needs to be. I want to have some dedicated realestate for the GridItems however I don't want to have to hardcode the dimensions so it can scale accordingly.


      P.S. I am in the process of a RIA framework selection and this calendar component is a huge area of concern. So - this is an important decision criteria for my evaluation.