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    SwishMax2 SWF in Captivate:   _droptarget problems   -- PLS HELP

    Fred Lunau
      I have a drag&drop SwishMax2 app that runs fine in Flash Player. It checks where you drop a movie clip (using this._droptarget) and does something based on where you drop it.

      Running the SWF standalone gives me the correct "dropzone" in slash notation: /truthsZone/truthsZone or /liesZone/liesZone.

      When I import the SWF into Captivate 3, drop the movie clip, and debug the value of its "this._droptarget", it always returns "/contentShade_mc" as the string value, regardless of where I drop it.

      Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Is Captivate somehow interfering with the _droptarget value? Has anyone else out there imported SWFs with drag & drop code into Captivate 3 and had similar problems?

      Thanks! Fred