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    why a simple animation does not play smooth?

      hi folks,

      I am not a flash developer but I only have very little experience with
      flash. Yet I just want to make a very simple animation.

      Size of the animation is 486x60, frame rate is 20 (I tried frame rate
      30 also), flash version is mx 2004, flash player version is 7.
      I have a 18 line of static text (1 word at each line at font size 36).
      I just want that height-long static text to be move up (let say in 400
      frames) so all lines can be visible as the whole static text slides

      I just used motion tween, but it does not seem smooth to me. I am not
      sure if I can describe it very well but it looks like it lacks motion

      Can you suggest something as simple as a beginner can succeed?

      ps: the sample can be seen online at http://www.celalo.com/_other/Untitled-1.html
      and .fla file can be downloaded from http://www.celalo.com/_other/Untitled-1.fla

      Thanks in advance.