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    Create .cfm pages on the fly

    willardnesss Level 1
      I am sure this topic has been discussed, but I can't seem to find the write search term to find an article on this:

      I am trying to create CFM webpages on the fly. Instead of creating a template webpage that uses the URL to feed the dynamic info, I would like to create actual web pages without dynamic URLs. THis is for search engine optimization.


      1: Template web page
      2: Dynamically populate this template with the dynamic info such as: File name, title, path of graphics, even a database query which calls the database for that file's content, then text generated from text in database for that file.
      3: Save this new file as #File_Name#.cfm
      4: I was going to use CFFILE to create this page - have the html template as a txt file, and just drop in all of the dynamic info into the text file on the fly, then save as the CFM page.

      Is there a more efficient - effective way to do this?