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    Can't render complete sequence...but can as seperate clips




      So I'm running Premiere 2019 on my imac(Mojave). Never had any problems before now, this error also happens in 2018.


      I have x3 clips on a time line.


      ROW 2 = Movie clip 1 (fade)                Movie clip 2(mp4)

      ROW 1 =                            Colour Matt


      When I try to render the entire sequence out to HAP, I get the 99code error when it reaches Movie clip 2.


      When I render movie clip 1 on its own its fine. When I render just the colour matte its fine. When I render movie clip 2 on its own its also fine and all of this from the current sequence.


      If I render the colour matte and one frame either side to this (so one frame of either clip) I get the code 99 error. I've recreated the project in 2018. I've encoded the mpg4's to .mov's, taken out the fade and same error.


      It can't be the HAP codec as it renders the singular clips out fine, just not the entire sequence.


      Any ideas?