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    Calling methods from local shared object


      I have got a little problem with saving data in local shared objects. I want to store objects of a special class I made. This works without any problem, but when I try to call a method in this class, nothing happens.
      I searched this forum and googled a lot, but didn't find anything.

      Maybe I describe the problem a bit better. The objects are used to save different propertys. Some of them are also objects of custom classes. The whole structure is very complicated. I need only one method, that is used to copy the content of the object into another object. (I don't need a pointer that points to the local shared object, I need a copy that can be changed independantly)

      I could write a global method that reads all the propertys of the objects, but this would be very difficult and take a lot of time, as the structure is so complicated.

      Is there any easy way to copy a custom object from a local shared object?