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    My sendForm function keeps opening a blank page

      My sendForm function works properly, but whenever a webuser presses the submit button, the browser opens a new blank window, even though the tutorial from which I learned the actionscripting doesn't seem to be afflicted in the same way at all.

      function sendForm() {
      gatherForm.email_to = "info@dvddkp.com";
      gatherForm.visitor_comments = contactForm.userComments.text;
      gatherForm.visitor_name = contactForm.userName.text;
      gatherForm.visitor_email = contactForm.userEmail.text;
      gatherForm.visitor_phone = contactForm.userPhone.text;
      gatherForm.visitor_company = contactForm.userCompany.text;

      gatherForm.send("/cgi-bin/email.php", "_blank", "POST");

      This also occurs when I replace the "_blank" string with "" or "0". Any advice would be very helpful.