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    Audio buzz that's not really there...

    Daystar Mike

      I've got some audio buzzing when there's actually NO audio in the track at those locations...


      My project looks like this:


      Main Sequence

      Image Seq

      Image Seq Overlays 2

      RAW Seq 3


      I tracked the buzzing down to channel A2 in "Image Seq Overlays 2".


      If I play Image Seq Overlays 2 there is NO buzzing.

      If I play Image Seq there is NO buzzing.

      If I play Main Seq there IS buzzing.

      When I mute A2 in the offending sequence there is no buzzing and obviously no audio from that track.

      I tried moving that audio to a different audio track in the same sequence with no luck.

      When I move that audio track to the main sequence the buzzing is gone.


      And, I just noticed that the buzzing is only towards the beginning of the sequence. But then if I replay it several times it's NOT at the same time or duration and sometimes it plays fine. I'll have to try a full export and see what happens...




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