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    SilentBob'secretfusion Level 1
      I have been trying to compile some code with cfcompile and am getting no place

      The directions indicate the following
      cfcompile -deploy webroot directory-to-compile output-directory

      So the root is d:/coldfusion applications/thewebsite
      The files to be compiled are c:/cfusionmx7/bin/pages
      The folder for the files to be placed is c:/cfusionmx7/bin/pagesdump

      How should the executed?

      From the command line I tried
      c:\cfusionmx7\bin> cfcompile -deploy d:/coldfusion applications/mywebsite c:/cfusionx7/bin/pages c:/cfusionmx7/bin/pagesdump

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          Keiko Level 1

          Hi SilentBob'secretfusion,

          In my scenario, I keep this long command in a batch file:
          C:\ColdFusion8\bin\cfcompile.bat -deploy c:\inetpub\wwwroot d:\Source d:\Destination

          ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------
          C:\ColdFusion8\bin\cfcompile.bat ===> is the cfcompile.bat, yours is c:\cfusionmx7\bin\cfcompile.bat
          c:\inetpub\wwwroot ===> is my IIS root
          d:\Source ===> the directory of my application (source code)
          d:\Destination ===> the directory of my newly compiled application (binary)

          Hope it helps