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    Loading swf pops up an "open with" dialoge

      this has got to be some very simple config problem with my firefox.

      I have created a Flex gui but every time I try to load the swf file I get an annoying dialog box of "You have chosen to open" <my flex file> "which is a: Shockwave Flash file".
      It gives me an option of either opening it up with totem (a media player), save to disk or choose another application to open with.

      I have installed flash player 9 for linux and seems to work.
      If I choose 'other' and then manually navigate to /usr/bin/firefox to load the swf file my GUI comes up properly (though maybe not the data).

      Why is this happening? It's annoying. Did I install flash incorrectly? Or Flex? Or both? Is the file association for swf wrong? In which case...how do I fix this?

      Some notes:
      I'm running off Linux (Ubuntu 7.10), with Firefox (, with Flex beta 3 SDK and flash player 9 for Linux
      Also, I'm trying to connect my Flex gui with a rails back-end with url

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.