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    How to create free transform?

      Hi all. I need to create a transform box around some visual elements such as textarea, and image. The idea is to create a transform option similar to the that found in Adobe products that would draw an outline border around the object with the tiny boxes on each side that can be dragged to resize/transform the object when dragged. As a specific example I'm trying to recreate the Modify | Transform | Free Transform functionality in Fireworks.

      I'm not neccessarily looking for specific code (though, that would be nice) but more of a high-level idealogical insight on how i should approach the issue. I can transform objects via code, but my question is specifically related to dynamically creating the outline and draggable areas that conform to the object boundries.

      Thanks for any help. If this question isn't clear let me know and I'll see if I can explain any better. :)