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    Automatically adding text boxes not working

      We are doing software simulation eLearning for a non-Microsoft product (speciality medical software). I have made sure repeatedly that the "Automatically create text boxes" option is checked of for Training Simulations, but no text boxes are ever added. This feature seems to work when I try it in Outlook, but not in our custom software. In fact, instead of a text box it places this weird little click box in the top left corner, and the caption (one of the few that it actually puts in...that is another thing that is not working) reads "Press Enter Key". Why is this happening? We have a lot of text boxes in our application, and it would be really nice to have them added automatically for us!! Thanks in advance for your help!
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi heatherp123

          Sorry to hear of the issues. It's quite possible that the application you are recording simply isn't being understood by Captivate. Maybe the developers used some sort of non-standard method of naming or calling things. Now that's just pure speculation on my behalf. The fact you state it seems to work fine if you record Outlook would seem to support that theory.

          I'm sure it's a pain, but you do have the option of manually inserting Text Caption objects wherever you need them.

          Sincerely... Rick
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            heatherp123 Level 1
            I suspected that was the reason - just wanted to know if anyone else had experienced the same thing and maybe had a magic work around other than entering them manually (which is indeed what we do now!). Sigh...thanks!
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              HI Heather,

              I have experienced that problem too. The software I am using has to be viewed on max resolution 1280x1024. I am going to try a similar software that can be viewed at a lower resolution to see if it is something to do with the resolution. The automatically add text boxes has worked on other versions of this software. I hope your issue was solved and I will post an update here with my issue.
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                heatherp123 Level 1
                I am recording in 1024X768, so at least for me it is not a resolution thing. It just won't add text captions or text entry boxes where it is supposed to. Must just be something in the way the software is coded that Captivate does not pick it up???? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, so if someone has a better explaination, I would appreciate hearing it!!

                Good luck to you tallgirl915...
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                  Ouch! I’m having exactly the same problem… I thought I was doing something wrong, but now I see it might be related to the software I’m recording the simulation for (also non-Microsoft product).
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                    This is a very late reply, but my co-worker may have discovered a fix. We were having the same problem: we'd set up for a training sim with text entry boxes, record and (oops) no text entry boxes.

                    During setup, he cleared the checkbox for "Automatically add text entry boxes...", clicked Apply, clicked OK, then returned to Modes, selected the "Automatically add..." checkbox, clicked Apply and OK, and voila! C3 put the text boxes in during recording.

                    Hope this helps.