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    Motion Tween Flickers


      When setting up a motion tween on an image (jpg or psd), going from alpha 0% to 100% in a period as short as 5 secs, the image flickers repeatedly. The flickering takes place during, not after, the motion tween - hence ruling out the worry that the flickering might simply be a loop at the end of the motion tween. And ruling out the idea of an impotent processor or ram, heavier files than the one in question run through the exact same motion tween without a problem.


      Increasing the fps didn't help, but just made the problem worse, for the image flickered more rapidly. Reducing the number of frames to as little as 5 frames in the motion tween also didn't help. The image kept flickering. Stripping the symbol of the motion tween to simply an image file (with no text and no embedded video, like the original file: http://mylocallineup.com/joomla/index0.htm) was also of little help. The image (92K) continued to flicker as the motion tween rolled on through the image.

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          I have a strikingly similar problem. In addition to the list of “attempts to resolve” listed in the original post, I have also tried installing the latest version of DirectX without any luck of fixing the flickering or shuttering effect between fade transitions. I also tried different versions of Flash Player without luck either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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            clbeech Level 3
            It seems as though this is a rendering engine issue, related to you're usage of the bitmap image(s). Are you scaling the image in the IDE by any chance? try doing a couple of things here:

            1) place the image within a symbol, graphic or movieclip.
            2) use the bitmap trace tool to convert the image to vector and then remove the image file using the vector art instead.
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              rscap Level 1
              "clbeech" thanks for the reply. Everything does point to a rendering engine issue. My situation differs from "aniemeye" slightly in that I am already applying the tween to a vector (a black box) and still see the issue. I am attempting to a rudimentary fade in/fade out but seem to be encountering this flickering/shuttering issue.

              Also of importance in my situation is that the issue is more prevelant when displaying the flash file in "full screen". In my particular application I need to display the animation in full screen a a a couple of different resolutions, 1360x768 as well as 1024x720. I tried various composition sizes when creating the flash file but no luck.

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                clbeech Level 3
                rscap - hmmm....

                well being 'vector' it shouldn't be a problem to scale and/or alpha transition. try placing the 'box' within a MC and then use the 'cacheAsBitmap' property, you'll find a checkbox in the properties panel, just click it to turn it on and see if that resolves the issue.

                (that should have also been listed above LOL!!!!)
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                  rscap Level 1
                  "clbeech", many thanks for the suggestion, but sadly no luck.

                  I tried your recommendation on a simpler example where I have a single black box fading in and out using a tween effect. As soon as I show the clip it full screen the flickering/shuttering effect is noticeable.

                  Maybe there is a better way to do the fade? There seems to be some limitation with the rendering engine using this technique.

                  Interestingly though is if I convert the Flash to a video the fade/transition is fine, adding to my suspicion that this has more to do with the Flash rendering engine than anything.
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                    I'm seeing a similar issue here - flickering on vector tweens. The flickering doesn't seem to be specific to fades though - tweens that involve repositioning or scaling are causing flickering as well.

                    I'm also not seeing the issue consistently. I can publish the file and *not* see flickering in tweens in some symbols, then republish (without making any alterations) and see them in different tweens in other symbols.
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                      ScottyDawg Level 1
                      One hack that seems to work: add keyframe content to the timeline during any motion tweens that flicker. I created a layer that contains a completely transparent, small rectangle and created multiple keyframes of it during flickering tweens. My (unproven) theory is that this forces the renderer to update, and properly renders the tweened content.
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                        Hi All, try to turn off the hardware acceleration feature in the flash player properties. I having the same problem, but is only in fullscreen mode.
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                          rscap Level 1
                          With regards to the fade flickering/shuttering issue, a workaround that seems to work (a little) for me is to do the fade using action script instead of using the Flash tween fade effect.

                          When performing the fade in action script fades I had to step down to increments of 1 when setting the opacity. I tried larger increments (5 and 10) and saw the flickering/shuttering effect. This sort of indicates that maybe Flash’s out of box tween fade effect my be using higher increments, perhaps 5 or 10? For now this workaround is slightly better for my fade effect. I would recommend trying the action script route if it applies to your situation.