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    WebHelp format does not display in Firefox


      I'm using RoboHelp 7 to produce a develoment platform documentation. When producing a WebHelp output I can display the contents locally via Firefox 2.0. The process is then to copy the whole set of files to a web server via Filezilla. No pb for accessing to the contents via IE through the adequate URL. But via Firefox, it is not possible because of a serie of weird characters which prevent the default page loading. To be noticed: no pb with FlashHelp output. I have configured Filezilla to force characters to UTF-8. I don't see any solution. Who did experience such situation and how could you fix it ?
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          HKabaker Level 2
          Hi, and welcome to the forum.

          Does Firefox load the toolbar and left pane correctly before you see a problem in the default topic pane?

          What are the wierd characters? Where and when do they appear? What should they have been?

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            We are having a similar problem with Firefox when our webhelp system is run from our Linux server. For now, we are removing the garbage characters by hand from the approximately 8 HTML files that contain them.

            To solve this problem, Adobe should add a feature to RoboHTML that would allow users to force their HTML files to use Unicode encoding.
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              Filtoche Level 1
              Hi Harvey,
              Thank You for your response.

              Firefox does not load anything but just the weird characters. They are a sequence of inverse interrogation marks, quotes etc.
              They appear at default page loading.
              In fact when I edit the source file, there is a line at the top of the file and nothing else. I deleted the line, saved the file and uploaded it to the web server with Filezilla.
              When I edit the uploaded file the line at the top appears again and the pb also.
              I therferore suspect that the intrusive characters are inserted during the upload.
              I have checked the Filezilla parameters to force a binary copy and characters to UTF-8.
              Without any success....
              Here we are, still needing a solution.
              Anyway, thanks for your help.

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                Linux Rules Level 2
                Hello Filtoche -

                Are you using Filezilla 3.0.6 or an older version?

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                  Filtoche Level 1

                  I have the solution. It is not about RoboHelp. It is not about file transfer. It about brower parameters. I understood that weird characters were about encoding and I thought the pb was during the file transfer. Even if it's true, the solution comes when setting character encoding to Unicode (UTF-8) at browser level. You can do it in Display options or in Tools>Options>Police and colors>Advanced>Defaut Encoding to be set at Unicode(UTF-8).

                  That's it !