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    Embedded Menus


      I'm fairly new to Actionscript. I am trying to create a fairly complex menu system (for me!).
      Here's the structure:

      I have MainScene and SecondScene. On the MainScene I have a movie clip acting as my main menu. This main menu movie clip contains buttons. These buttons move the movie along the timeline to keyframes. These keyframes contain graphics, which contains a button. I want this button to trigger the start of SecondScene.

      |_ Main Menu (movie clip)
      |_ Graphic
      |_ The button

      How do I get the button to take the playback to SecondScene? I have tried using:

      this._parent._parent.gotoAndPlay("SecondScene", 1);


      MainMenu.gotoAndPlay("SecondScene", 1);

      But they don't work. What have I missed? Can someone help me?

      I will be eternally grateful, thanks!

      PS. My final destination is a projector not a webpage (in case it makes any difference).