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    WebHelp Pro

      Please assist. I noticed I now have the WebHelp Pro option. Do I need to purchase anything else to be able to get reports, etc? Please assist me on HOW to use WebHelp Pro, and please tell me why someone would use this instead of straight WebHelp?
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          Hi there B4Iwascrzy

          See if the link below helps you sort it.

          Click here

          Cheers... Rick
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            Oops... Might help if I gave the right link, eh?

            Click here instead

            Sorry bout that... Rick
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              RoboWizard - As a matter of fact, I just read that column! I found it searching on Yahoo. Okay, my understanding (such as it is) is that there is no point to using WebHelp Pro (i'm using Robo5, don't know if this is offered as an option in 7, but will be purchasing 7 soon) with my basic Robo Office 5, because I don't have a necessary addition (roboengine) to install on a server? Or, is this option on my installation CD?
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                I just need to know if I can use WebHelp Pro (the reporting option, full pdf search capabilities, etc). We have IT personnel to install something to our server if needed, but can I only use this if I bought Robo Server? I just have office, and I'm confused by this new option - new to me, I saw it when I upgraded to 5.
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                  I just got off the phone with Adobe Sales, they knew little to no info on Robo Server. Robo 7 doesn't offer WebHelp Pro, is that correct? And, there is no benefit to USING WebHelp Pro (as far as being able to track customer Online Help USAGE reports, etc) with Robo 5. Is that also a correct assumption? I'm looking for reporting capabilities, and the existence of WebHelp Pro in Robo5 suggests they ARE there, however, in truth, you cannot use them with "just" a copy of Robo 5 office?
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                    Hi again

                    The server option is something you will need to acquire separately. It is not part of the office package. I believe it costs somewhere like an additional $2,000 for the server part.

                    Note that you DO NOT NEED the server part if all you want to do is to publish WebHelp and have it accessible to anyone using a browser. (Some folks mistakenly believe regular old WebHelp won't work without it) LOL, I probably dismay Adobe any time I post that, as they probably like the sales of RoboHelp Server.

                    You may wish to investigate combining regular WebHelp with ZoomSearch. My fellow Adobe Community Expert Peter Grainge has a nice article on using ZoomSearch with WebHelp. You may view it at this link right here.

                    Best of luck to you... Rick
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                      Hi again

                      Posted the last before I saw your last message.

                      RoboHelp Server is a separate component from RoboHelp Office. It must be installed at the web server. You then create WebHelp or FlashHelp Pro output and publish to the RoboHelp Server.

                      RoboHelp Office allows creating the Pro outputs. But to do anything with them, you must have acquired the RoboHelp Server and installed it. Then you publish the Pro outputs to the RoboHelp Server.

                      A certain amount of reporting is possible from your basic web server. Your web hosting service or web administrators are able to provide reports of how often certain pages are visited. The RoboHelp Server part simply offers this via a convenient tab in your RoboHelp interface.

                      The RoboHelp Server can also present two or more WebHelp or FlashHelp systems as a single system by merging files from the server. But to confuse the issue, you can also do the same thing with basic WebHelp and no server in the picture.

                      The RoboHelp Server allows you to post Word DOC, Adobe PDF Excel and other files and the search mechanism will find text inside those file types without having to convert them to HTML pages and make them part of your project. Then again, as I understand it, ZoomSearch does something similar.

                      If you purchase RoboHelp Server, you will spend some cash to acquire it. You will then hand the server product to your Web Admin folks and ask them to install it on their servers. This will likely cause additional work for them and some headaches down the road if you have issues with the RoboHelp Server. And I'll be honest, there have been issues reported. Sometimes you will find that for no explicable reason, the server just doesn't like to allow you to publish the files. So you end up scratching your head and posting here and calling Adobe support to figure out why. I'm not sure if anyone has ever cracked that particular nut, but I see it often enough. The web folks will likely grow weary of having to restart the server because the RoboHelp Server part needs it to continue. This will disrupt anything else operating on that server. So if you can, you might be well advised to acquire a sole machine to be your own server.

                      Note that I'm not claiming the product is bad or dissuade you in any way. I'm only trying to let you know up front what you might expect to see if you choose to follow that path. Configure your forum profile so you see more than a few months worth of posts. Then I might suggest you explore the RoboHelp forums to see the typical questions posted by users of the Pro outputs. Then you decide if you want to follow the path.

                      Cheers... Rick
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                        You're a rock star!! You answered all my questions. Thank you VERY much. I have a presentation on the "road to take" re: RoboHelp at our company soon, and after installing Robo5 noticed this "new" WebHelp Pro option. Sounded JUST what we needed. But, alas, 'tis an empty cup. Thanks, and have a super weekend. Jennifer