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    Can't add Information type to topic

      I have a trial copy of RoboHelp7 and have created a Microsoft HTML Help project.
      I've created three information types and three categories. According to the help, I should select a topic from the topic list and click Properties and then click the Information Types tab to assign an Information type. My topic properties does not have as Information Types tab.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi hallettc and welcome to our community

          Uhhh, you are aware that Information Types is a feature of HTML Help that Microsoft never completed, right? Additionally, the only way you will ever find to use them is under the following conditions:

          1. Your output is a compiled .CHM
          2. Your end user is aware the .CHM file has been equipped with Information types and knows to right click the TOC of the .CHM file.

          I'm guessing that 99.8% of the .CHM users in existence are totally oblivious to the fact that a .CHM file has such a thing as "Information Types".

          If, after seeing the above, you are still intent on getting at the Information Types, try clicking the Edit menu. You will find Information Types there.

          I'm guessing the help is in need of updating.

          Cheers... Rick
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            hallettc Level 1
            Thanks for replying. I can access the information types from the Edit menu. What I can't do is apply an information type to a topic. The directions tell me to apply an information type using the Information Types tab in the Properties dialog, but when I open the Properties dialog there is no Information Types tab.
            Any thoughts?
            (Thanks for the info on Information types - I'm researching a user requirement and will pass the info along.)
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi again

              I'm researching a user requirement

              Let me guess. Your requirements ask to create a help system based on the types of users. Roles, if you will. The goal is to filter information from those that should not have it and make it available only to those deemed worthy or educated enough to handle it or whatever. Am I correct so far? If so, Information types never did accomplish that. As I said, it was an unfinished feature that Microsoft began to implement in the HTML Help world.

              This isn't to say that what I mentioned can't be accomplished. It can and I've seen it done personally by using WebHelp and applying security to folders. It can also be done using .CHM files and controlling who gets which .CHM files.


              Sure. I'd abandon even entertaining the thought of using Information Types. Trust me, they aren't worth it. And as for the tab missing from the Topic Properties dialog, wow. I just checked my X5 version of RoboHelp. That version is pretty old now and even it doesn't have the tab. So the fact the help doesn't match the application goes back a lot further than Adobe. I'm guessing at least Macromedia and probably eHelp!

              Cheers... Rick
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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                Hi again

                I just checked and I have some information on how to set these up tucked away inside my Tips file. This file goes back a loooong way, so what you see there will likely apply to version 9 or so of RoboHelp HTML (RoboHelp 7 is logically version 15)

                But if you are intent on giving them a play, use what was pointed out with where to find the dialog in 7 combined with what you read in the Tips file. You may download the tips file by visiting my site using the link in my sig line.

                Cheers... Rick