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    Recording causes voice to speed up really fast

      Hi there just started our captivate e-training application development task today and encountered a problem in the voice recording. After the first two IE applications were recorded the voice speed up to a very fast speed. Seems to happen when we start moving the mouse.

      We are able to reproduce it but it has stopped our project dead in its tracks. Any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance,

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          CatBandit Level 3
          Try adding audio as a step in the editing process, as opposed to adding *narrative* audio during recording. For one thing, doing a narrative while mousing through the recording process can be a bit like patting your head while rubbing your tummy - an exercise best saved for trick shots ... just my opinon ...

          Plus, adding the audio voice-overs to the slides as a part of the editing process gives you much greater control - including *do-over* ability that you don't have during recording.

          And finally, I realize that a lot of newcomers to the program really like the marketing hype about saving time by adding narrative while recording, but let's face it, you said yourself that it * has stopped our project in its tracks*, so it's not really saving anyone any time is it?

          Hope these thoughts are helpful ... best of luck!
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            scottindc Level 1
            Thanks Larry,

            As it turns out there was a driver mismatch between the M-Audio preamp USB and Captivate. After some experimenting I was successful using the input (setting microphone to M-Audio) and the output to the default speakers.

            Not sure why it just works so onward onward ever onward.