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    Crossdomain.xml Not Working

      Ok, so first off, my environment. I'm working on a flash application that resides on the web server ( and the data its pulling is from a device (

      On .77 I have a crossdomain.xml. I have attached the crossdomain.xml file.

      The problem I'm having is that while watching the data communication in a network sniffer, after the GET for /crossdomain.xml happens, about 75% of the time, nothing gets returned. When the XML file DOES get returned, there's a HTTP OK message... and then that's it. None of the communication between the app and the server happens.

      Now, when I run this application in the Flash developer program thing, it works fine (I'm on .64) so I know the flash code works. So its either a Browser issue or my crossdomain.xml file is wrong in some way.