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    Audio problem on PremierPro




      After a long long research, I cannot solve my problem, so here I am.


      When I select a video from my media browser, from PremierPro, i can read it directly on the "viewer screen" with audio and video, no problem.
      BUT, Two videos give me a hard job. When I clic on each of them to watch it on the viewer screen, I have the video but the audio is gone. When I select only the audio, the "wave" is a straight line. When I upload it on PremierPro and I import it on my sequence, the audio.. still gone, straight line. When i watch the video on my camera or on my computer.. no problem. The video is .MTV, all the videos I'm using are from the same camera, the same day, the same project. The only difference is the size of my files, the two videos which doesn't work are about 2GB, I don't know if there is a link...


      When I restart my computer and I repeat this all process, sometimes I have audio on my two videos, but then it is offset.


      Does anyone have any idea what I could do to work in peace ?


      Thanks !