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    Video looked fine after render, but partially severely flickered after export


      Hey all,


      Glad that there is a forum like this to assist newbies who are inexperienced in using this. So Ive just made a travel video. It was colour graded and was filled with a lot of transition fx. rendering them in out was totally fine and I could still See the transitions, but when I export it, the transition and some scenes turn this *see image*.


      I am currently using a Ryzen 3 2200g APU.


      sequences were shot with 60D at 1080 30p, Mavic air 1080 60p and Rx100iii 1080 60p.


      I tried rendering it out at 23.97 fps to give it a film feel. Change the bitrate to 46mbps (60d‘s bitrate), vbr 2 pass, and high profile.


      May i know how can I fix this?