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    Rendering is so slow all of the sudden


      Hey guys!  I know there have been posts about this before but I haven't found anything to solve the solution.


      I just built a gaming pc about a year ago and wanted to use it for gaming and video editing on adobe premiere.  I told myself I wanted to go above and beyond so I would have no issues with rendering and slow edit times.  I used to edit on my 2014 MacBook pro and never had enough space.


      Now at first the rendering per clip took seconds.  Now to render in to out for 7 clips it takes about 5 minutes.  I clip from one clip to another and it takes about 10 seconds until I see the clip I want to color grade.  Its ridiculous.  This machine is overkill yet all the sudden it is very slow at editing.  I feel like something is off in the settings or im having malfunctions.  Please anyone help!



      So I went out and built this:


      i7 7700k Kaby Lake

      GTX 1080 FE

      7TB of Harddrive space

      500GB of SSD

      8GB of RAM - I know I probably need more


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