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    Phantom Sequence Noise


      Hello - for the past few months, I've been getting phantom sequence noise in my sequences.  This noise ranges from a low buzzing to an ear-splitting high-frequency razzing - and changes with each start-stop of the space bar.  It most frequently occurs in spaces in the sequence where no audio media is located, but also is now happening over music and dialogue.  I've posted a sample here: Premiere CC 12.1.1 - Phantom Sequence Noise on Vimeo


      Any help would be great - it's making editing impossible.  Thank you!

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          Meg The Dog Adobe Community Professional

          If I recall correctly, there was a version of Premiere that gave me similar problems - I don't recall which one, and the problem was fixed on an update. Have you considered updating to the latest version?


          My solution/workaround at the time was to make sure there were no "blank" audio spaces on the timeline, I would fill them all with audio clips set to a clip gain of -∞.