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    html component in flex builder 3

      I just downloaded stand alone flex builder 3 beta 3.
      I need to use the HTML component but it doesn't seem to be installed.
      What am my missing ?

      Thanks !
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          cxf02 Level 1
          I asked about this a while back and was told that it would be awhile before this power was placed into FLEX, but the control was actually meant for Adobe AIR. My guess is that the AIR product needs an HTML component because it doesn't have the browser to work with. There are ways in which you can use the htmlText property of Text components to display CSS styled html. I have searched far and wide and there are many examples of this, in fact, one talented blogger has written a custom component to make it easier. There are small examples in the FLEX documentation as well.


          I created my own means of doing this and the short version of what I do is I use XSL and TIDY to parse manufacturers web sites into usable snippets of well formed XML. I wrap the TR's in <P> tags and use CSS class selectors to set the styling. I then create my styles in AS and apply them to each document as it is requested and loaded for view in the TextArea. It works for basic HTML text but doesn't incorporate the full features of CSS.

          Here is a means to embed an IFRAME by another blogger: http://renaun.com/blog/2006/11/16/157/

          It works pretty well, but integrating it into your app might create some challenges

          I can share some code with if you would like, just send me a private message and we can begin a dialog. I have an example app, but it is not open to the public as of yet because it is a commercial work in progress. Although I "trust" the good people of this forum, I don't need every 16 year old who stumbles across a google link to start hacking my pre-production sites.

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            perceptre Level 1
            Hi Curtis,

            Very many thanks for the info. They seem to be having issues with their private messaging (css missing ?!).
            I've just been trying to add the mx package from air into my project which allowed me to add an HTML component but it needs the flash.html.HTMLLoader to compile, which I can't find either.

            Yes I've used the htmltext property a lot in Flex 2, with the limited css it can handle. My new app needs to handle full css so I guess I'll have to wait, although that's an interesting idea of yours to use xsl.

            Thanks again,

            Gerry Smith
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              perceptre Level 1
              actually looks like the iframe solution will do the job,