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    CC2019 Laggy Playback


      I recently upgraded my Premiere from CC2018 to CC2019 and now i'm experiencing an incredible amount of lag upon playback.

      I'm not editing the next big motion film. I'm editing so screen recorded games to make some highlights. I experienced no issues before upgrading to CC2019 with my playback. But now if i'm lucky i get 20 seconds of smooth playback before the video just stops. Audio keeps going and sounds fine.

      It's making it near impossible to edit anything.


      This is the video format i'm trying to edit:

      Type: MPEG Movie

      File Size: 59.29 GB

      Image Size: 1920 x 1080

      Frame Rate: 60.00

      Source Audio Format: 44100 Hz - compressed - Stereo

      Project Audio Format: 44100 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo

      Total Duration: 04:35:21:35

      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0

      Alpha: None

      Video Codec Type: MP4/MOV H.264 4:2:0


      Again, CC2018 had no issues scrubbing/playing back these files. Why is CC2019 having so many problems? Is there a hidden setting that got turned on? Is it a new feature like Photoshop's Transform Tool no longer needing to hold Shift to keep the scale uniform?

      I've searched the forums and seen many adobe solutions saying to create proxies. But most of those are in replies to people trying to edit 4k gorgeous footage stuff.

      I just want to edit some derpy .mp4 gameplay.

      Do i really HAVE to make proxies of 1080p .mp4 videos to get an edit done??

      I'd rather downgrade back to CC2018 than have to render out proxies for a codec as small as this.