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    Premiere Pro 2019 randomly using all system RAM and crashing?_11 (WIN)

    KaupoKuusemae Level 1

      Im having that same problem with my editing station.


      Specs: 7700k, 332Gb DDR4, Vega64, 256GB SSD + over 10TB HDD. MacOS Mojave 10.14.2 (custom hackintosh build)


      Basicly what happens is that I used the project few days back and everything was okay. But today when I opened the project (62GB in size), everyhting was extremerly slow.


      the 32GB of memory went full in like 2-3sec and then it started to swap of SSD, 120GB of space gone in like 3-4 minutes. After that computer hangs. When I restart my system everyhting is fine again, disk space freed until I open the project again.


      If needed I could send the whole project for troubleshooting.