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    A Little Help? Random Characters in Motion?

      I'm about to attempt something that imagine there are simple ways of handling. I want to fill a silhouette of a person with text. Just random (or predetermined if that's easier) letters falling and piling up inside of the silhouette until they reach the top. As I envision it the final result will look like the letters pile up to form a person. Therefore if the letters are blue the person's silhouette will be blue and so on.

      I can go through, idividually inputting and animating all the letters but that would be highly time consuming and, I'm guessing, not the best way to go about things. So I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas, possibly involving actionscript to generate the letters and control their motion? I'm guessing that if I can handle that via action script then the only actual tinkering involved will just be in masking off the area the text falls into.

      So thanks in advance to anyone who can help. Is there anyone?