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    loadMovie to load xml button file... undefined

      Hi, I am a designer and not familier with programming, my fiend purchased some flash buttons with xml file, when i run its swf its work perfect for me. there are 6 six buttons in it and i can easily change their name from xml file.

      ok here is the problem

      i want to assemble those button in another file and just those buttons to run from a different main file.

      i made a movie clip container and gave it an instance name


      on main file on frame action i wrote this loadMovie("button.swf","holder_mc");

      ok there are loading in my file but problem is that now i see only one button now and written Undefined on the buttons.

      i am not sure why they are not working , i followed many online tutorials on loadMovie and did exactly same...

      one thing is interesting see here.. without xml files are loading perfect but with xml file i always get error even though xml file is already in my folder.

      I look forward to learn something from your experts.
      thank you very much

      i am using flash 8 professional. AS 2.0
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          akdesignnow Level 1
          ok this time i made nav bar my main .. this time i am not loading nav bar in another movie since i was really undefined error but this time i have another xml file which is only a simple xml file but when i click on nav bar to load another swf file which is txt file, it loads but i don't see anything on it, no text , no content nothing there... even though when i view it separtly it works fine..

          any help would be appreciated.