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    Using flex charting with data source

      I'm actually not a Flex user yet, but am looking forward to the possiblity of using Charting with a current sql2005 database, which is holding about 100,000 rows of data, each row with about 40 fields.

      I'm just wondering if Flex has limitations on how effectively it works with databases of this size... Can anybody tell me how they are coping if they are using it in this way?

      Thanks very much,
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          Karl_Sigiscar_1971 Level 3

          RemoteObject communication with LCDS is very fast.

          It's rather the backend that might be slow in comparison.

          We send Java objects through AMF to Flex and we are always surprised how fast it is. The Java List (a collection of objects) returned to Flex contains data sent by a Java Remote Object that calls an EJB3 which in turns does a SQL request on a database.

          LCDS also has some paging capabilities.