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    Scaling is no longer shown (in preview) unless position is also applied

    glennm16330209 Level 1

      Something apparently changed in my setup today, because I'm no longer to add keyframed scaling unless I also apply keyframed positioning. At least, that is, if I want to see it in the preview window. Let me walk you though this.


      Say I create a new project, add some random still image, and create a new sequence with it by just dropping it onto the New Sequence button. I add two scaling keyframes at any random points, setting them to whatever percentage. If I then play the project in the preview window, at the first keyframe, it suddenly jumps to the scaling set at the next keyframe, rather than smoothly scaling between the two. However, if I set in & out points at the beginning and the end and do a preview render with shift+enter, now the preview window correctly shows the smooth transition. Alternatively, if I also keyframe the position at the same points, and shift the image by only one pixel in any direction, now the scaling effect is shown correctly in the preview window.


      I've been banging my head against this for hours. In any previously saved project, everything works like I expect, unless I try to add an object to the old sequences, which shows this new, insane behavior. Is there some preference somewhere that says "Only show clip scaling if there's also a position change"?