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    Custom Mouse Not Working

      I created a site in flash and wanted to add a custom cursor so when the site comes up the cursor is changed for the user in the site. I have on my "interface.swf" page one frame and my code reading as follows.....stop, load movie "custom cusor.swf" on frame 100 (so it would be my last frame) and I have then to load movie "buttons.swf" on frame 10. So my cursor loads, my buttons load, i think i am golden. I move my mouse around and it seems to be working like a charm...i roll over a button and go to click on it and my mouse does exactly what i wanted it to EXCEPT, it doesnt redirect me to whatever the button is that i just clicked. it doesnt do anything?? If i take out the code that loads my cursor and just use normal cursor my site works fine.

      Can anyone help me with where they may think my problem is??

      Thanks so much for your help.