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    List alignment issues in Firefox

      After composing a webhelp project with primary and secondary (supporting) steps portrayed, Firefox doesn't play nice with the indentations that keep the information grouped visually.

      In IE, it looks like this.

      1. Do this
      (.25 inch indent) a. Do this
      (.25 inch indent) b. then do this
      (.25 inch indent) c. save
      2. Then do this, etc.

      In Firefox:

      1. do this
      a. do this
      b. then do this
      c. save
      2. Then do this...

      I had read the browser issues portion of the grainge.org troubleshooting site for working with ordered and unordered lists. Am I able to attain this level of indentation by editing the _ns.css stylesheet, or do I just accept this as a limitation for Firefox?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Have you looked at your post? I am not seeing any difference.

          The gist of the article is that you manually adjust the ns.css to get the result you want.

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            Jbarnes65 Level 1
            So if I have a primary step "step1" indented 0.20 inches,
            and secondary step "step2" indented 0.45 inches,

            within the _ns.css file, I should be editing both of these entries rather than the OL entry

            P.step1 {
            margin-left:-0.05in; }
            LI.P-step1 {
            list-style:decimal; }
            HTML>BODY step1 {
            margin-left:-0.5in; }


            P.step2 {
            html>body:LI "{" "margin-left:0.05in";
            margin-left:1pt; }
            LI.P-step2 {
            html>body:LI "{" "margin-left:0.05in"; }
            HTML>BODY step2 {
            margin-left:0.05in; }

            I'm trying to play with it, but would this be more likely to work?
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              It is the OL and UL tags you need to be editing. The method is in the article, the measurements will be a bit of trial and error.

              Post back if you are stuck after trying a bit more. It's late here but either someone else will help or I will look tomorrow.

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                Jbarnes65 Level 1
                I'm looking for something more granular if possible. I get results when I change the main OL and UL settings. But it changes the margins for all of those list styles.

                I have several ordered and unordered list styles defined in my project. Main steps are numbered (1, 2, 3), and supporting steps (a, b, c) are indented to visually group them with their parent step. If I change the following setting
                HTML>BODY OL {
                margin-left:-0.2in; }
                all of the ordered lists shift.

                If I try to change one, say the secondary step style:
                HTML>BODY step2 {
                margin-left:2.65in; }
                Nothing happens.

                Is there a per-style adjustment one can make in the style sheet?
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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                  I think you need to look at creating some OL and UL classes but without stopping to experiment, I am not sure how well RH will handle those.

                  Take a look at http://www.w3schools.com

                  Where I am now getting confused is the original problem seemed to be the lists worked in IE but not FF. Now it sounds more like there is a problem with indention overall.

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                    MergeThis Level 4
                    I think you've over-styled yourself into a corner, here. We've found that no styles works best.

                    1. Make a copy of your project and find a default.css from the RoboHelp Office > RoboHTML folder (under Program Files).

                    2. Assign the .css file to a few topics with these nested lists. In the topics, remove all styling in the lists (down to Normal paragraphs, no indents, etc.).

                    3. Select all list items from a former nested list and click the RH Create a Numbered List toolbar button.

                    4. Select the sub-list items, click the Increase Indent toolbar button, and adjust the numbering to a,b,c. (To automate this part of the process, you could add a "OL OL" style for only the a,b,c format [no indents, etc.]).

                    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all other nested lists in the topics to which you assigned the default.css file.

                    We've found this method the most pain-free way to achieve consistency in online and print output. Give it a try. Or...you could step1/step2 yourself all the way into therapy.

                    Good luck,

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                      Jbarnes65 Level 1
                      The original problem still stands. In IE, the nested lists work well and align correctly. When displayed in Firefox, they all have the same indentation.