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    can't edit audio in PP anymore

    saispaslequelmettre Level 1


      I was working on PP and AE. As I was on my AE project, I came back to the edit in PP. Then, I was not able to select a part of a video to integrate it on my timeline wtih both, image and audio. Actually, I can't anymore select the audio part of a video, to edit it on my timeline. The thing is that previously, it worked perfectly and suddenly, without any modification nor integrate AE project, it didn't work anymore. I don't understand. So, I deleted PP from my computer and installed it again... it's the same thing, I can't load audio from my video anymore. It's an interview. I have the image, but no sound ont he edit. I tried to create another project, with other files, it doesn't change anything : I still can't edit an audio selection. 


      The problem doesn't come form the source file. I can read the video inside Premiere, when I select it, on the source panel. I can upload all the video in my timeline as well, directly from my project. But I can't select a part of the video and edit it.


      I've not changed preferences, nor the project. Actually, I've changed nothing. First it works, suddenly it doesn't.


      Heeeelp : any idea please ?

      I thank you