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    Counting number of Mondays for running month

    antti_nylund Level 1

      I'm trying to get the number of Mondays in this month (February).

      Today is the first Monday of Feb so any way I try I get value 1.

      The goal would be to get value 4 which is the number of Mondays.


      Any ideas?

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          Gigazelle Adobe Employee

          I'm not sure I understand you question. Can you clarify what you're looking for and how you intend to use it in reporting?

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            antti_nylund Level 1

            I would like to build a daily target. I have monthly target of 100%. Data indicates that in average Monday, Tuesday and Thursday deliver 25% of Monthly target each and the rest 25% is divided with the rest of the days. I calculated the average from 3 months and made sure that each weekday was present same amount of times.


            Since amount of weekdays is changing by the month I cannot use static number like 4. If I use COUNT IF day=Monday function in early Feb it would give me 0 or 1 depending if there has already been 1 Monday.


            So if I want to calculate target for all Mondays in Feb (before Feb is completed):

            100%*0.25 / COUNT Mondays (in Feb this translates to 0.0625) but in April the number would be 0.05 since there are 5 Mondays in March.


            Even though Adobe prints all dates from Feb it does not seem to be able to calculate how many Mondays there is going to be. Counting weekdays works fine if I calculate the target for January, but that kinda defeats the purpose.


            I have now resorted adding the number as a static value but if you guys have any suggestion I welcome them gladly.

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              antti_nylund Level 1

              So currently:

              Yearly target: 100

              Monthly multiplier (towards yearly goal): 0.1

              Target for this month: 10

              Number of each weekday in this month: 4 (February is easy)

              Multipliers for each weekday:

              Mon: 0.25

              Tue: 0.25

              Wed: 0.09


              Fri: 0.04




              Monthly and weekday multiplier were calculated based on last year performance


              So my target for

              1st of Feb (Friday) would be

              100*0.1*(0.04/4) = 0.1

              2nd of Feb (Saturday)

              100*0.1*(0.06/4) = 0.15

              3rd of Feb (Sunday)

              100*0.1*(0.06/4) = 0.15

              4th of Feb (Monday)

              100*0.1*(0.25/4) = 0.625

              5th of Feb (Tuesday)

              100*0.1*(0.25/4) = 0.625

              6th of Feb (Wednesday)

              100*0.1*(0.09/4) = 0.225

              7th of Feb (Thursday)

              100*0.1*(0.25/4) = 0.625


              So the problem was that I cannot get the number of each weekday in a month dynamically.

              COUNT only returns number of Mondays from the past. for example if date is 8th of Feb COUNT returns 1


              Any comments?

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                ursboller Experience Cloud MVP

                you can use "approximate count distinct" with a weekday segment to get the number of a certain werkday in a specific month. but this only works for past data since you need to have at least one hit on each weekday to coont agsinst...


                I would do this in excel or any other tool outside of analytics...


                If you want to use workspace (and calculated metrics) you might try to upload a metric for each day using data source. basically you could upload a metric value for each day which indicates the number of werkdays the month have... (would be 4 for each day in february...)

                the drawback is, that you can't upload data for the future, you might need to upload every day.... (hope I'm not wrong with this statement...)