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    Connections Browser


      Hello. Just downloaded the trial version of Contribute CS3 (that I may buy within the next couple of days, if it works) and can't get through the connections browser. It says I need a "key" that I should be getting in my e-mail account. I download yesterday, no key today. Who should I contact? Thanks for the help.
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          ThinkInk Level 2
          If you were a user in cooperation with an administrator, it would be possible for that administrator to send you a Connection Key, so you wouldn't have to create the connection yourself...

          In this case you are the only user and thus the administrator.

          What you do is:
          1. You start Contribute, don't buy, but using the trial version
          2. When the program runs, you get the choice to create a connection
          3. you create the connection with the proper ftp settings and of you go