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    CF Flash rendering

      My cfflash from renders at 1 web address, but the same form does not render through a different web address. They are the exact same form, on the exact same website, you just get to it by 2 different web addresses. And there is a clock that keeps turning and it will not render the drop down menu. These two are the same exact page, I am on a shared server and host multiple sites. http://palladiummortgage.com/apply.cfm is the direct path to it.

      Works at
      Does not work at

      If anyone has had this issue, please tell me what you did to correct it.

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          Well they both work for me, but this is usually a problem with cf and mapping the cfide scripts directory if I remember correctly. I have had this problem in the past but moving cfide/scripts to the directory usually seems to fix this problem, but like I said they are both working on my end now.
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            bbdg Level 1
            I have uploaded my cfid folder into that directory, but it does not work. I am on a shared hosting account, so I have no access to the administrator control panel. How do I map to the cfid without that control.

            If you go to www.palladiummortgage.com/apply.cfm you will see what I mean. The little clock just keeps turning and the drop downs never become active.