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    Adobe Premiere Pro: Files not updating that I am attempting to work in simple time rather than frames.

    matriml51411503 Level 1

      For Adobe Premiere Pro:


      Sorry if my title is a bit confusing, I'm trying to have my files on the timeline show their time property rather than frames.


      My files are not showcasing the actual time of each file when I go to adjust the speed or duration on the files, I know it is better to work in frames, however, I find it much easier to work this way.


      The duration says 138 when the file itself is slightly less than five seconds. These are some of my current settings which may help showcase what I might be doing wrong.


      I've also updated the timecode to showcase that I am working in time and not only just frames


      It's not high priority, but it is slightly bugging me, if you have any solutions it would be extremely helpful. Thank you.