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    flash update makes exe projectors run slower

      I make a lot of flash projectors (.exe files) for pc stand alone screens, at some point in the last few weeks/months newly published projectors have got considerably slower. I can only assume that this happened with an update.

      I often put a frame counter on movies while i'm working with them and i've republished older flash files and compared the older .exe file with the new one, i'm getting about 1/4 to 1/3 of the frame rate that I was getting. I stress that the original CS3 flash file hasn't been changed. Both exes were published with Flash CS3, one a couple of months ago and one now.

      at some point in the last few months there's been an update to CS3 which has changed the logos of the flash projectors from a blue ball with an 'f' inside to a red square. I'm not sure if this marked the change to slightly slower exe files or if this is co-incidental. Bizarrely the mac projectors run about 1/6 quicker than they used to.

      I'm using flash CS3 with leopard (it might be that updating to leopard has done this, but i'm not sure how that could have changed flash itself, and the .exe speed on a PC that i use to test them)