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    Shared Object Accessibility

      I am trying to create a flash game that will interact with a HTML page and ultimately, a database. I know flash doesn't directly talk to a web page, so I figure the best way to do this is through Shared Objects.

      My questions are as follows:
      1) Can another application, such as a basic HTML, XML, or JSP page access a shared object in order to communicate some information to a flash program?
      2) If so, how would it do this?
      3) Or, and I completely off-base and is there an easier way to accomplish what I am trying to do without shared objects?

      Thanks so much for any help or insight you can give me!
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          mhunter Level 1
          Flash does comunicate with the html page. There is fscommand (not recommended), geturl, and others. Html can talk to flash thru getobjectbyID, etc. As far as database goes, you would need to do searches for that here. It can be done. I responded to this since it was older and had no other responses, but I am limited on this subject. Maybe someone smarter will see it this time...
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            Damon Edwards Level 3
            You can communicate with HTML via ExternalInterface. Reading from and to a database is simple enough with some PHP to moderate between the two. I'm not sure I even understand what you are trying to with SharedObjects, so I can't answer that. However, in light of this new information, would you even use SharedObjects?