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    How do I can link from one MXML to another in the same project?

    cyber fyb Level 1
      I planned to create a login page separated in my new Flex application. Maybe I am too attached to the WEB philosophy but I prefer to do it in that way. The login page will simply validate the login through a call to a CFC. While the CFC will also create the session variables I will need over the navigation of the user (once the login is validated), the variables (or more specifically the values of those variables) will serve as reference during the user's navigation. And those values are contains in the ColdFusion Session and can be accessed through CFCs.

      If the login is a success, I need to redirect the user to the appropriate page (in my case, the application is a help desk system so if the user is identified as a technician will go to the technician.mxml or if the user is identified as a sysadmin, will go to the sysadmin.mxml - simple as that). Now, I know it is possible to redirect using ExternalInterface.call function but is there anything more specific to Flex redirection from one MXML to another? Just like classes (where you can create dependency of a child classe to is parent)?

      Thank you